AccountingIt’s a number game.

Accounting has developed into a science that only the initiated can understand. For this reason, please contact our experts for all accounting services: We are prepared for possible eventualities, are familiar with various ERP programs and present accounting in accordance with various international standards.

In addition, we offer to manage property and corporate accounting in one system. This prevents errors in the otherwise necessary adjustment work and saves you a lot of time and nerves.

With us, the customer is still king.

We take care of property and corporate accounting at the same time, so that time-consuming adjustments are unnecessary.

Thanks to our artificial intelligence, we can also manage large real estate portfolios transparently.

Our accounting specialists will work according to your wishes. They prepare advance sales tax returns as well as quarterly and annual financial statements. In addition to German local GAAP accounting, they also observe various international accounting regulations – in addition to IFRS Lux-GAAP and US-GAAP. They are also familiar with various ERP systems, such as SAP, Yardi, DATEV, IX-Haus and Realax.

We transmit information via secure DATEV interfaces. Competent work for the responsible tax consultant means, certified account statements can be created quickly.

An important point for our specialists in accounting is communication: they consult with your tax advisors, auditors and external property managers so that necessary activations and accounting processes run smoothly.

Our electronic invoice work-flow and the associated execution of payment processes can be tracked around the clock at any time, regardless of location.

We take care of all accounting processes and keep your back free for important decisions that affect your real estate portfolio.