Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property ManagementInspired by purpose, driven by passion.

Our experts in commercial property management deal with all payment flows for your property. On your behalf, we are able to process all incoming and outgoing property and corporate accounts.

Usually, companies separate the bookkeeping in property and corporate accounting. But our system and stuff has the capacity that our specialists can process the data from both accounts in one system. This prevents errors in necessary adjustments and saves a lot of time and nerves.

In addition, with our all-round service we ensure the sustainable profit maximization of your real estate.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. You tell us your key objectives and we take responsibility for implementing these requirements.

The Bartsch AI is the heart of our organisation. Artificial intelligence keeps the information cycle between owners, tenants, service providers and property management up to date at all times. It bundles information and makes it accessible around the clock.

The following areas are in competent hands with our property managers:

  • Provision of data in real time
  • Perfect management of rental contracts with our ERP system
  • Constant support for tenants, including timely correspondence
  • Reporting based on current, customer-specific data
  • Monitoring the budget and optimizing costs
  • Preparation of utility bills and processing of appeals
  • Insurance management
  • Execution of claims and deadline management
  • Support and assistance for auditors and tax consultants