Technical Property Management

Technical Property ManagementCaring for the Values of Your Future.

When it comes to technical property management, we rely on the many years of expertise of our technical staff, who have already been able to gain extensive experience – also in groups with an international environment.

Years of experience show: thanks to our experts you have a firm grip on all services related to the technical and infrastructural management of your real estate at all times.

A large number of legal regulations in the real estate industry today require a large-scale network of specialists who are perfectly familiar with their specialist area.

Flexibility counts when it comes to management concepts and services for commercial and private real estate: they must be adaptable at any time to take current developments into account. Digitized facility management enables perfect business plans. Optimized processes avoid unnecessary costs and increase efficiency.

Experts take care of all details of your real estate in our technical property management. An important point is the central organization of all statutory examinations by experts. This ensures that necessary examinations are carried out on time. Thus you have an excellent controlling instrument for quality.

Our employees are experienced experts in their field. They are well organized nationwide and have free capacities to deal with emergencies immediately.

Our technical property managers take care of the following areas independently:

  • Tendering, awarding and controlling construction work
  • Review and optimization of all maintenance and service contracts
  • Constant transparent cost bench-marking
  • Organization of recurring exams
  • Regular property inspections
  • Control of all service providers
  • Handover of rental space
  • 24 hour hot-line
  • Supervision of construction works

Bartsch Real Estate assumes complete responsibility for the infrastructure and technical maintenance of your property.

We make sure that applicable laws and standards are complied with, including all relevant rules and regulations. Your property is properly managed and presents a well-groomed appearance at all times.

This is not only important for the satisfaction of your tenants. Optimal maintenance is also necessary in the commercial sector to maximize profits. It guarantees that your property always makes a good impression on customers and visitors. Flower beds, green areas and clean walkways not only please the eye: they do increase property values.