Artificial Intelligence

Artificial IntelligenceThe better way to manage real estate.

We believe in making the most of digitization and keeping our system up to date at all times. That is why we rely on artificial intelligence (AI), an essential requirement today in business management.

Our Bartsch AI is revolutionizing the entire management of real estate, not just the quality of our services.

Bartsch AI: This term describes our CRM software with a mobile app that connects owners, tenants, service providers and administration at all times.

It was specially developed for the effortless administration of real estate of all kinds, from commercial real estate to rental apartments to student dormitories and flat shares.

Bartsch AIComprehensive complete package

Our customers receive the Bartsch AI app as a complete package with powerful components. You can easily integrate them into your everyday work. It consists of software for computers and mobile devices, the tenant app, e-mail connection and optionally also TV screens.

Our AI automates routine processes that take up a lot of time and nerves, such as organising small orders for the maintenance of buildings.

It reduces the time required for effective communication in real estate management by networking different communication channels and bundling them on one platform. Information from e-mails, from the ERP system, customer app and TV screens come together in our app and are accessible at all times.

All those involved can use mobile devices to get information about the current status around the clock in real time. Important documents such as a rental contract or energy certificate can be called up at any time.

In addition, your tenants can actively interact with each other online if you so choose. All communication processes are available online. This transparency strengthens the trust of your tenants and improves their satisfaction. It is also possible to solve problems in the neighborhood quickly, which is important for the quality of life of tenants and owners.

Bartsch AIDigital bulletin board

Thanks to our artificial intelligence, you can reach your tenants at any time via TV screens in the properties. You convey important information with one click. Long journeys or unreliable communication by post are a thing of the past.

This also gives you a great opportunity to increase your sales – especially in shopping centers and large residential complexes. For example, you can run additional offers on the screen.

Bartsch AIThe work-flow bot

Your tenants have the opportunity to communicate with you at any time – without compromising your privacy. The work-flow bot of Bartsch AI registers and answers customer inquiries as well as damage and service reports 24/7. Thanks to smart technology, the work-flow bot formulates intelligent answers to your tenants’ problems and takes care of contacting service providers you trust.

Everyday processes are accelerated and documented. This way you keep an overview of all details of the business, such as property inspections and interactions with your team or customers. Storage space for file folders and searching through printed communication are no longer necessary.

With our AI it is child’s play to prepare the most important information according to your wishes on a daily basis. This transparency of processes makes it easier for you to draw conclusions, make important decisions and flexibly adapt the corporate strategy to current developments.